Symbol offers the possibility of arranging a courier service to pick up the watch from the client and return it upon completion of works.

We recommend a maintenance service after 2 years or following a failed water-resistance test. As a general rule all watches require an annual check of their water-resistance. This service is available at most of our Official Service Center.

While your watch is with us, our skilled master watchmakers will dedicate all their attention and energy to its maintenance.


Manual winding & Self-winding watches

Every precision mechanism requires a full overhaul after a certain period. The frequency of the maintenance of your watch depends on the model, climate and conditions of use. As a general rule, your watch should have a complete service every four (4) to six (6) years. While your watch is with us, our skilled master watchmakers will dedicate all their attention and energy to its proper maintenance.

  1. Bracelet removal
  2. Case opening
  3. Diagnosis of movement
  4. Check the movement on testing devices
  5. Check the functions of the movement (time setting and pushers tests: Start/Stop/Reset)
  6. Estimate
  7. Complete case dismantling (bezel, crystal, pushers)
  8. Case and bracelet cleaning in ultrasonic vibration for one hour
  9. Replacement of all gaskets
  10. Cleaning of mechanical movement in ultrasonic cleaner
  11. Cleaning and lubrication of the worn parts   
  12. Precision control of the movement by using oscilloscopes  
  13. Complete reassembly of the case
  14. Reassembly of the mechanism, case closing and locking of the back case  
  15. Quality control operations
  16. Water-resistance tests according to the model specifications
  17. Hour and date setting
  18. Final check of the movement and of all functions over 48 hours in several positions,  through a motion simulator.
  19. Final inspection
  20. Packing and dispatching your watch

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  1. Every complete service carried out by SYMBOL’s Service Center includes: battery replacement and battery consumption test. We not only replace the battery, but all the gaskets as well, in order to guarantee the water-resistance (depending on the model) and workings of your watch for one (1) year.

 After each service carried out by our Service Center, you will receive a warranty on both functioning and water-resistance.


(Level/Technical Training/certificates) 

  • Patek Philippe Certificate Level 2
  • Ulysse Nardin Certificate Level 2

EQUIPMENT – Mechanical watches

  •      Ultrasonic Cleaner
  •      Witschi Wicometer Professional


EQUIPMENT – Quartz watches

  •      Witschi Q-Test  


EQUIPMENT – Water Resistance 

  •      Witschi


EQUIPMENT – Ultrasonic machine    

  •      Sono Swisse  



  •       Polishing Professional ELMA MULTISPEED


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